Community health

In line with Malawi's Health Sector Strategic Plan, we focus on child health, maternal health, improving infrastructure, and building local capacity. 

We work with the community to identify needs and resources available in the Kabudula area, then collaborate with hospital staff, the Ministry of Health, local and international partners to create lasting impact. 


Medical supplies- each month, WAM supplies Kabudula Community Hopsital with lifesaving medicines. As Kabudula is a government-funded institution, there are often stockouts of essential medicines, including those to treat malaria, pneumonia, and seizures. When the hospital is running low on their stocks, we step in to replenish. 

Equipment- acute respiratory infections (ARIs) are a common cause of child mortality in Malawi. Health facilities often lack the oxygen needed to treat children. WAM has donated oxygen concentrators to improve outcomes for children suffering from respiratory infections.

Infrastructure- proper infrastructure is a critical component of a functioning health facility. WAM works with the community in Kabudula, the Ministry of Health, and partner organizations to identify needs and improve infrastructure. These projects include: construction of staff housing, improvements to the nutrition rehabilitation unity (NRU), and expansion and renovation of the postnatal ward.


Poor infrastructure is a tremendous barrier to functional health systems in Malawi. That's why we've constructed guest housing for medical staff and volunteers, renovated the Nutrition Rehabilitation Unit, and are expanding the postnatal ward at Kabudula Community Hospital.

This year, we have provided over 1600 lifesaving doses of medication to pediatric patients to treat the top causes of child mortality, including severe malaria and pneumonia.