MediServ Surgical Week in Partnership with Access Health Africa

Next month, a team from Access Health Africa, our partner organization operating in Malawi is sending a medical team to Malawi for a week to work with our partners at Kabudula Community Hospital to perform surgeries, dental procedures and train medical professionals there and at rural health centers. Our Global Health Fellows have been working very hard to make this trip a success.

Over 200 patients have been identified throughout the Kabudula catchment area as needing surgery. 100 have been put on the schedule and the GHFs are working to make sure that all patients will be seen if not by the visiting team, then by the Kab staff with help from in-country partners after the trip. We are looking forward to a successful exchange of skills and knowledge.

We have decided to focus our Essential Medicine Delivery program for May and June on supporting this trip through donation of dental and surgical anesthetics.

Head over to the Access Health Africa blog to read more about the trip preparations and updates during the trip!