Meet Watsi Patient Mwaiwawo

Earlier this month, we met Mwaiwawo at Nkhoma Hospital where are run our Watsi partnership program. Mwaiwawo was there to receive a hysterectomy.

Mwaiwawo, Watsi patient at Nkhoma Hospital.

Mwaiwawo, Watsi patient at Nkhoma Hospital.

Mwaiwawo is a single mother of three. She is a cook and a farmer. She has been experiencing abdominal pain and abnormal bleeding due to uterine fibroids since November 2018. She was in need of a hysterectomy to get rid of this problem. She has since been to 4 different hospitals in Malawi to try and have this procedure done. She also previously went to Nkhoma Hospital but could not afford the surgery there at that time.

After she realized that she could not afford the surgery on her own, she turned to her community members to help raise the funds. She also started to pick up side jobs to save money. She still came up short.

Her most recent visit to Nkhoma Hospital, Mwaiwawo was introduced and accepted as one of our Watsi patients, meaning her surgery was fully funded! She has a successful surgery earlier this month and is recovering well. She says “After meeting with my community and trying to do extra piece work also, I was still unable to afford the surgery I need. I am so grateful for this program to assist me!”

We are happy to partner with Watsi to provide funding for these surgeries to be done at Nkhoma Hospital. Mwaiwawo’s story is not uncommon. Almost all patients that we meet have gone to numerous clinics and hospitals seeking help and for various reasons (transportation, funding, staff shortages/training) are unable to receive the treatment they need until they are accepted to this program. Nkhoma Hospital provides patients with top of the line care and we are happy to work with them!