Our Model-How Our Partnership With Watsi Works

WAM is a proud partner of Watsi, a groundbreaking crowdfunding platform that is changing the way medical procedures in impoverished areas of the world are funded.

Based in San Francisco, Watsi enables anyone to directly support life-changing healthcare for people around the world by connecting patients and donors online. They find patients by partnering with programs like ours that have a strong, positive relationship with local medical communities and a commitment to provide reliable support wherever possible.

Our partnership is an incredibly effective way to extend care to the people in our community who need it most like Chisomo, an 11 year old who needs a $334 surgery to repair a hernia. We select people to be Watsi patients if they are afflicted with conditions that, if left untreated, would severely impact their quality of life, and if they can not afford the treatment needed. We then submit profiles of these patients, which includes basic information on the treatment and individual patients’ stories, to the Watsi team. Once approved, donors read these profiles and contribute as little as $5 for the needed procedure. In order to maximize our focus on helping people with few resources, especially in rural areas, we only submit patient to Watsi whose treatments cost less than $1,500.

100% of donations through Watsi go directly to funding patient procedures. This includes medical supplies, diagnostics, transportation, food, lodging, and follow-up care, covering an entire hospital visit so patients can receive the care they need without worrying about paying for it out-of-pocket. With Watsi, WAM provides low-cost, high-impact procedures to as many patients as possible, revolutionizing the funding model for non-profits.