WAM Helps Curb Maternal Death In Malawi

It has recently been announced by the Minister of Health Dr. Jean Kalilani that at least 328 women died in hospital during childbirth between July to December, 2014.  She is reported to having said this during a recent review of the Malawi Health Sector Wide Approach.  She has asked the Ministry to investigate these high death rates as these deaths took place right at health facilities and not in the community.

The Malawi maternal mortality rate is currently at 510 per 100 000 live births, which is still one of the worst in the world.  At this rate, Malawi will not achieve Millennium Development Goal 5 of reducing maternal mortality rate to 155 per 100 000 live births by end of this year.

One of the leading causes of such death is postpartum hemorrhage.  One of the critical medication that WAM provides in its monthly allocation to Kabudula include medication to treat postpartum hemorrhage.  WAM's contribution significantly helps curb the maternal mortality rate in Malawi.