Thandizo's USA Heart Surgery

Little Thandizo is 1 year old.  She was born with a critical heart condition that makes her breathe abnormally.  Her parents had almost lost hope that their beautiful daughter would ever get better.  However, WAM, through its partner, Heart Gift Foundation came to the parents' rescue.  Thandizo will now be flying to USA for her surgery!  Thandizo is just one of the many children in Malawi that face serious heart conditions, and some of them have died before WAM, through their partner could send them to USA for their much needed surgery.

Thandizo was born a twin with her brother.  Her brother is healthy and growing up normally while his siter cannot even walk or talk, but soon this will change and Thandizo will have her much needed surgery and hopefully she can be as normal as her twin brother.

Thandizo and her parents have their visas ready and will soon be flying to USA for the surgery.  WAM hopes that it can help so many more children who are on a long waiting list for the Government to send them for surgeries abroad.  WAM wishes Thandizo and her parents all the best as they prepare for their USA surgery.