Teacher Spotlight: Blessings Ackim

The Kabudula Education and Empowerment Project (KEEP) that WAM supports in Malawi is carried out in several ways. The provision of student scholarships, partnerships with organizations like The Minga Foundation, donations of books and supplies to the school, and the maintenance of a maize garden are just a few ways KEEP aids Kabudula's secondary school. World Altering Medicine has also recently sent two teachers to computer skills training. One of these teachers, Blessings Ackim, now passes on that knowledge by teaching computer skills to students and other teachers at the school.

Blessings also teaches biology and agriculture. Recently in the biology classes, they have been going over experimental and scientific skills, classification of animals, and interactions between living things. In her agriculture class and in conjunction with the maize garden, she has been teaching the students about seeds, planting and plant reproduction.

Blessings is 25 years old and is third in a family of six children, and she grew up in the Malawian capital of Lilongwe. She originally aspired to be a nurse, but instead became a teacher. She has been teaching since 2009, and was posted to work in Kabudula in September of 2013.

In her free time she enjoys playing netball and singing.

In the future, she hopes to be a woman of distinction in education. She wants to "improve Kabudula especially on [the] part of girls, by encouraging them" in their education.

WAM is proud to be working with Blessings and teachers like her in Kabudula!