Hope For The City Container Arrives In Kabudula

The 18 wheeler carrying the container that came all the way from Minnesota lumbered through the gates of the Kabudula Rural Community Hospital yesterday. it was quite a sight.

the back doors opened, hospital and community members gathered, and there were cheers of delight.

As the hospital staff and community members unloaded the many oxygen concentrators, hospital beds, examination tables, orthopedic equipment, EKG machine, nebulizers, wheelchairs, lifts, and other essential medical equipment, they could hardly contain their gratitude.

"I'm speechless," said a smiling Aubrey Nsunza, hospital-in-charge. "We have been waiting so long for this. This is a great day for our hospital and our community. You have done a great thing for us."

"We can't thank you enough. You can't believe what this means to us. We will now be better equipped than many district hospitals in our country," said Prisca, nursing officer.

An ultrasound scanner was the most prized donation in the shipment. "This means we can offer the highest standard of care for these poor rural pregnant women. They do not need to travel all the way to Lilongwe for scanning now - we will take care of them right here in their own community," remarked Aubrey gleefully.

The equipment will immediately raise the level of care at Kabudula, a poorly resourced public hospital in rural Malawi. The life-saving oxygen concentrators will be for each ward in the hospital, as well as for the six rural health centers in the Kabudula Health Area. In a hospital where there are often 3 sick children on one bed, pregnant women often sleeping on the concrete floor - the 30 electric, proper hospital beds will give them dignity and comfort.

The value of the donation to Kabudula is US$250,000, collected, packed, and shipped by Hope for the City and World Altering Medicine.