Educating Our Health Service Advocates

WAM has just partnered with 500 Miles in Lilongwe, an organization centered around bringing accessibility to those needing prosthetics and orthotics. As part of this partnership, 500 Miles did a sensitization workshop in Kabudula with the Health Service Advocates (HSAs), community leaders helping to connect patients with clinics and hospitals in the Kabudula area.

During the sensitization, the HSAs were all engaged and eager to learn. None of them had heard of 500 Miles or the services provided there. Drawing attention to disability needs and what can be done was an important step for bringing services to patients in need. We discussed the various forms of disability and which ones, mostly physical, 500 Miles is able to address. After this, 500 Miles introduced the various prosthetic and orthotic devices they had to offer for patients. This generated heated discussions as the HSAs learned about the different needs and when certain devices would be used. These discussions were connected back to the impact prosthetics and orthotics can have on patients when one of the 500 Miles employees showed the HSAs her prosthesis. They were shocked! And thrilled to see what a positive impact the device was having on her life. Of all things mentioned, this truly inspired the HSAs to really reach out into their communities to search for patients requiring similar assistance.

After the workshop, HSAs started identifying patients just around the Kabudula Hospital who could benefit from 500 Miles! In addition, many knew of patients in their areas that could use these valuable services.

WAM's sponsorship of these device fittings for patients is made possible through your generous donations. WAM is hoping to fit over 50 prosthetics and orthotics on patients, which can only be made possible by your help!