Breathing Life Into A Hospital

Recently, Kabudula Hospital received a generous donation of medical equipment from Minnesota charity Hope for the City One of the pieces of equipment was an oxygen concentrator, which provides oxygen to patients at a higher concentration than is available in the ambient air. It has quickly become an essential tool for respiratory emergencies throughout the hospital.

Recently it was used to save the life of a newborn infant. The child's mother Emma, who is 21 and was pregnant for the first time, was rushed from her village’s small health center to Kabudula Hospital during labor when they found her umbilical cord prolapsed, meaning the umbilical cord was emerging before the baby. She arrived to Kabudula in the midst of a power outage, so she was unable to go into emergency surgery! She had to wait 90 minutes for the power to come back on, and which point she was rushed into the theatre (operating room) where Dr. Aubrey performed an emergency c-section. Miraculously, they were able to pull the baby boy out alive, but his breaths were slow and he was clearly close to dying. Immediately, he was hooked up to oxygen from the oxygen concentrator and he improved drastically. Had it not been for the accessibility of the oxygen, Emma’s beautiful baby boy would have died almost immediately. The baby is now doing well and able to breathe on his own.

Without life saving equipment, such as this oxygen concentrator, patients would be dying unnecessarily every day. Small things like this oxygen concentrator allow the physicians and nurses at Kabudula to race against the odds to save yet another patient.