Access To Healthcare, A Reason To Smile

Living in the remotest area of Kabudula,  Kosamu village, 10 year old Exodus has every reason to smile after years ofnot having proper access to medical care.  Kosamu village has one small health centre.  Exodus has had a problem with his urethra that makes it very painful for him to pass urine.  His local health centre failed to help him for years because it is not equipped with facilities for surgical treatment.  Fortunately for Exodus, World Altering Medicine has come to his rescue, and ensures that he can access surgical care at the main referral hospital in the capital city, Lilongwe, where his parents cannot afford to take him, as they are too remote and too poor to provide financial resources for him to access surgical help.

Exodus has already visited Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH), more than three times,  with the help of WAM.  WAM has paid him several visits at his home to make sure he gets histreatment, and on a recent trip to his village, Exodus had nothing but smiles in appreciation of what WAM was doing in order to change his life for better, by making sure he gets the surgery he needs!

Exodus is just one of the many patients that WAM is helping through its surgical partnership with WATSI