A Visit To Khongoni Health Center

Kabudula Hospital is the referral center for eight community health centers in the catchment area. One of these health centers is Khongoni serving a population of 54,000 people and refers patients to Kabudula each week. Built in 1970 this health center is approximately 30 minutes’ drive from Kabudula Hospital down a bumpy dirt road. Upon arriving at the health center WAM staff were welcomed by Health Surveillance Officers and quickly put to work in the malaria testing and immunization room while waiting to speak with the nursing assistant in charge. 

WAM staff were happy to see that of the six malaria rapid tests administered none of the women and children had malaria. Following the malaria testing, WAM staff recorded tetanus injections for pregnant women in their patient profile booklets. Although malaria tests and tetanus injections were available that day, this health center suffers from many shortages and barriers to providing quality health care services. Electricity was bought up as the top challenge facing this facility - with no electricity the health center is less able to deal with complicated deliveries and mothers are at risk during child birth. Additionally, they have not received handwashing soap in three months and experience a stock-out of vital drugs every two weeks. With the support of WAM, medications can be sought from Kabudula pharmacy to re-stock medications when a stock-out occurs.