The Postnatal Ward Complete

WAM has been working with our partners, Warm Heart For Malawi and Kabudula Community Hospital, to renovate and expand the postnatal ward. 

The hospital sees an average of 15 deliveries per day and each mother stays with her newborn in the postnatal ward for 48 hours following delivery. 

Before, the ward was overcrowded. Women and babies were sharing beds and sleeping on the floor. The windows were broken and toilets were not functioning. Women would leave the ward to use a pit latrine outside in the days following birth. There was no working hand sink in the entire ward.

With generous help from Warm Heart For Malawi and in collaboration with the hospital team, the ward has now been expanded and will fit 20 beds, almost double the previous capacity. The walls are freshly painted. Three flush toilets, two showers, and hand sinks are working and will provide a significant increase in the sanitation and hygiene of the ward. 

Sadly, maternal and neonatal mortality rates are extremely high in Malawi, but many of these deaths are preventable. Our hope is that, through this project, women and newborns will have a safer experience in those critical 48 hours following childbirth.