Woman's Life Saved With WAM-Donated Meds

T.D. is a 30 year old woman who was referred to Kabudula Community Hospital from Nsaru Health Center. She was having vaginal bleeding early in her labor and had multiple pregnancies in the past, so was at risk for postpartum hemorrhage. Shortly after arriving by ox cart (since the one Kabudula ambulance was in Lilongwe, over an hour away), she successfully delivered a healthy baby.

However, three hours afterward her delivery, she began to bleed profusely. Despite our attempts to treat her, she continued to bleed and went into shock. Luckily, the small weekly shipment of blood had just arrived that morning, and she was given a transfusion. But it was only when Aubrey Nsunza administered a special medicine called misoprostol, which had just been donated by WAM, did her bleeding begin to slow. She was still very sick and had the signs of a very dangerous condition called DIC. Finally, the ambulance arrived and she was transported urgently to Bwaila Hospital, Malawi's best hospital for obstetrics. There she received appropriate therapies, and  survived this harrowing situation.

Were it not for early recognition of her illness, the skillful clinicians and nurses at Kabudula, the propitious arrival of the medicines and blood, and the functioning ambulance, she surely would not have survived.  Now recovered, T.D. has been reunited with her new baby and family, and is very happy and feels lucky to be alive.

This sad story plays out far to often in rural Malawi. Often, basic medications and equipment are not available at Kabudula, so these sorts of situations do not have happy outcomes. While on the ground in Kabudula, we are confirming that, because of the amazing generosity of WAM and its donors, the heroic staff of Kabudula Hospital can save many more lives.