WAM's First KEEP Scholar Hopes To Become A Nurse

World Altering Medicine's KEEP (Kabudula Education and Empowerment Project) is supporting 17-year old Memory Baulen so that she can finish high school.  One of the children who inspired the scholarship program, Memory was in danger of dropping out her senior year of high school.  She lives 10 km away from school, at her grandfather's house.  She walks daily, and is only able to eat her first meal, which she cooks for her family, after 20 km of walking to and from school at around 3pm.  Memory is the oldest in her family of nine, with four sisters and four brothers, and she wants to be a role model for them by finishing school and becoming a nurse.  Her grandfather can barely afford food for the family, so with her school fees paid by KEEP, her family will have more income available for basic necessities.

Like many students at Kabudula Community Secondary School, Memory is an orphan.  Her mother left when Memory was two years old, and died of HIV when Memory was ten.  Her father, who raised her, died of cancer when she was 14 years old.  Memory will not give up on her dreams of becoming a nurse, and WAM will not give up on her.

To all who know her, Memory is a funny (she loves to imitate our American accents), active (she plays netball and football, and is active in the classroom), and kind(she has already volunteered for community service club and peer counseling) young woman. Your generous donations to WAM will support not only Memory's education but that of other needy students at her school.