WAM Helps Malawian Physician Further Medical Training

A Woman of Valor

In 1999, Lillian was an outstanding young clinical officer at Embangweni Hospital in northern Malawi, celebrating her recent marriage. During the next two years, Lillian lost her mother to AIDS, and her beloved grandmother to malaria. Shortly thereafter, her baby, Michael Jr., full-term, beautiful and healthy looking, died three days after he was born, very  likely of infection passed to Lillian during her work on the hospital wards. Later that year, her husband Michael, was one of sixteen killed in a tragic car accident.  All of this seemed too much for one young woman, only 23, to bear.

At the urging of American friends, Lillian applied to medical school in the capital city. As a clinical officer, she was not prepared for study, having not had several pre-requisites; yet based on their strong recommendation and her number one position as a graduate from clinical officer's school, the Dean gave her a chance.

 The rest is history.  Lillian graduated from her medical school class number one, once again.  She also married the number one student from the class preceding hers, Regginald.  Both have finished their required year of post-graduate internship and Reggie now teaches at Malawi's Medical School.  Lillian serves as the District Health Officer for the Blantyre area.

 Reggie has been invited to do a three year residency in OB/GYN in Capetown, South Africa with an obligation to return to Malawi to teach after his residency. Lillian has now secured an offer to do a residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Capetown. As part of a small group of funders, WAM is covering her residency tuition and fees, which she had no other way to pay. After returning from this training, both Lillian and Reggie will be prepared as teachers at the country's only medical school or as specialty practitioners, scarce within Malawi.

Lillian's is the ongoing story of a true woman of courage in Malawi, and they are each destined for greatness in their careers in medicine.