WAM Focus Group Engages Kabudula High School Students

WAM has initiated a focus group and writing group with high school students from Kabudula Community Secondary School in order to identify the needs of the community from their perspective.  Five out of ten of the students wish to work in the hospital after they complete their schooling. Eight out of ten of the students have had malaria and benefited from the medicines donated by WAM.  Given the hospital staffing shortages, and the difficulty of drawing clinical staff to Kabudula, it would be extraordinary to see the youth of Kabudula growing up to staff their hospital.  Currently, very few of the staff are from the region.  The barrier is education.  Without books, a laboratory, or a library, most students are unable to pass the national exams, and thus are unable to continue on to the higher education necessary for getting the jobs they seek.  With less resources than other schools, Kabudula students know they have to work that much harder to achieve their dreams.  To encourage them, and connect them with role models, WAM organized a tour of the hospital and a question and answer session with the hospital head, Aubrey Nsuza.   This was extremely motivating for the youth, and they shared in group the following day their plans for how they may pass the exams despite resource constraints.  WAM is currently working with the headmaster and students to identify ways we can support the schools, and thus the future of Kabudula Hospital and its community.