Special Delivery At Kabudula

From Dr. Kevin Bergman, currently in Malawi:

Inspiring day today at the rural hospital of Kabudula. There we met a woman recovering in the postpartum ward. Early this morning, she delivered a child in her home with the help of a traditional birth attendant. After the delivery of the child, the birth attendant discovered that she was the mother of twins and had a second child to deliver. However, the second child was unable to be born normally and it became apparent that she needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible. With no access to an ambulance, she was placed on an oxcart and pulled for more than hour to the hospital with her as yet unborn twin still inside. With the guidance of Mr. Nsunza, the hospital's only clinical officer, the second twin was delivered by C-section. Both children are alive and well and the mother is recuperating nicely.