RM - 3-Year-Old With Severe Anemia And Malaria

RM is a sweet 3 year old girl admitted at the Pediatrics ward of Kamuzu Central Hospital with fever and shortness of breath. With the help of routine blood tests, she was diagnosed with severe anemia and malaria. Because her malaria was severe, she was given IV antimalarial medicine and received a blood transfusion. However, while waiting for treatment, her shortness of breath and hypoxia worsened, and she was urgently given supplemental oxygen via a donated Breath of Life oxygen concentrator.

Now stable and breathing easier after two days on oxygen and treatment, RM's mother is "happy her child is getting better." She adds, "at first I did not understand the importance of oxygen, but now I will tellrelatives, friends and others that oxygen is vital to life of a person."

She extends her happiness to the supporters of WAM and Breath of Life.