Medicines Needed For Kabudula Hospital

Drs. Bergman and Pierce, currently in Malawi, posted the following:

We are calculating how much money we can spend to purchase much needed medications for Kabudula hospital. These are medicines that should be provided by the government, but due to a broken system, they aren't reaching the hospital pharmacy shelves and the patients that need them. The list of medicines that are lacking is long. Even though we're purchasing them directly from a sympathetic local wholesaler, the cost is beyond our current budget. So we've looked at the list, pared it down, and came up with what we could.

But this won't be nearly sufficient for the people of Kabudula.

The rains are due to come in about a month's time, and malaria cases are already on the rise. In peak season at the referral hospital in the capital, this can lead to a census of close to 500 children in the hospital at any given time.  A three day course of medicine to cure malaria costs $2.66. Every month, patients, most of whom are children, will die due to its lack. I think of the things that cost $2.66 back home. A gallon of milk, less than a gallon of gas, half a glass of wine, a few songs on iTunes.

Two dollars and sixty six cents. This is the cost of a life in Malawi.