Breath Of Life - Oxygen For Malawi

LILONGWE: Breath of Life’s three new oxygen concentrators in Kamuzu Central Hospital Children’s Ward A (Critical Care Ward) continued to work wonders in their second week of operation. Four-month-old Alinafe, who had been in dire straits just one week earlier with Pneumocystis pneumonia, was able to return home with her mother, who needed to care for an ailing sibling.

Three-year-old Benjamin, after more than two weeks in the ward with severely damaged lungs, improved so much that clinicians moved him to the step-down Ward B, where he continues to receive TB treatment but no longer requires concentrated oxygen. He shows clear signs of recovery, including increased energy and mobility.

And there were new success stories. Pempero, a five-month-old boy, was admitted to Ward A with severe pneumonia and left the hospital two short days later. Such a quick recovery would have been impossible without the help of concentrated oxygen.

Little Aaron had been sick for a full month before his mother brought him to the hospital, by which time he had developed serious lung disease. His blood oxygen level was a dangerously low 83% until doctors placed him on a new oxygen machine, which stabilized him at 95% saturation. He now has a chance at full recovery.

On behalf of all the families touched by the gift of concentrated oxygen, the Breath of Life team would like to express its deepest gratitude for the support it has received to make this initiative possible. Please join us in spreading the word as we work to avert child death that is so often preventable.