General Surgeon Visits Kabudula

This month WAM partnered with Access Health Africa to bring quality surgical care to the Kabudula Community.

Baker Henson, a general surgeon from the US and Cofounder of Access Health Africa, volunteered to provide patients in the Kabudula Health Catchment Area with needed surgical treatments.

The first day we spent at the hospital we brought with us a huge duffel full of surgical supplies; sutures, dressings, head lamps, gloves, gowns, etc. We filled a spare room in the surgical ward and immediately turned to the line of patients who were eagerly awaiting our arrival. Each patient was screened and registered for surgery that week.

For the next several days, a combination of WAM and Access Health Africa staff returned to the hospital to perform surgeries that patients could otherwise wait years to access, if at all. A few of the days we had no access to electricity, but the surgical team worked on, using headlamps. 

Surgical care can be very difficult to access in Malawi, particularly in rural areas like Kabudula. Bringing expertise and care to the local health facility removes many barriers that patients face and enables them to receive quality treatment. We are committed to improving access to care in this community, and hope to serve even more surgical patients in coming years.