WAM Medication Treats One-Year-Old

15-month-old Salome Stanley was brought to Kabudula Community Hospital from her nearby village.

She was experiencing vomiting, coughing, and a high fever. The clinician diagnosed her with severe pneumonia, an all-too-common diagnosis for children under five in Malawi. In 2008, pneumonia accounted for 13% of deaths in her age group.*

Broad spectrum antibiotics like Gentamicin, needed to treat pneumonia, are not always in stock at government health facilities like Kabudula. Luckily for Salome and her family, WAM had delivered a supply of antibiotics and other drugs prior to her arrival. 

By the time I met Salome, she had already started her treatment, her fever was down, and she and her mom were all smiles. 

WAM strives to fill gaps in medication delivery in the Kabudula Health Catchment Area by working with hospital staff to identify medication needs to treat life-threatening conditions in this region.