Meet Aness

Aness Musa is in form 3 (third year) at Kabudula Community Day Secondary School. WAM supports her by providing school fees, without which she would no longer be in school. 

Aness is the youngest five children and the only one with a chance of completing secondary school. Sadly, Aness' father passed away last year, leaving her mother as the sole provider. To support herself and Aness she asks for small jobs from other families in their village. From these earnings she is unable to provide Aness with adequate food, school supplies, or clothes.

Aness walks an hour to school each day and is rarely absent. She hopes to attend university after she graduates, and eventually join the Malawian Defense Force. Her mother shared her vision for Aness: "Aness is a hardworker at school with an encouraging and bright future. I see what she is doing and just want to assist her."

WAM is committed to seeing her and the 41 other students we currently support through all four years of secondary school. We hope to see Aness graduate next year and realize her dream of attending university.