Home Life Of A KEEP Scholar

Meet Often Frazer.

Often is a soft-spoken 19-year-old who lives in a small village in central Malawi. He is currently in form 3 at Kabudula Community Day Secondary School, and is supported by WAM through the provision of his school fees–approximately $32 per year. Often walks seven kilometers to and from school each day.

Often is one of eight children; two are still in school and the others are married. His mother is a single parent attempting to support Often and her other children. In his village, most people spend significant amounts of time in their gardens each day, cultivating maize, tobacco, and few other crops to feed their families and bring in additional income. Unfortunately, this income is generally not sufficient to cover what Often refers to as “basic needs,” including clothing, food, books, and mosquito nets.

Often sleeps on the floor of a very small one-room house, which he shares with another family member. When it rains, the house leaks. He eats one meal per day, in the afternoon, meaning he endures the entire school day on an empty stomach. Still, he manages to make good grades and maintain impressive attendance records. His brother describes Often as “a very hardworking boy who does not cause any problems for the family.”

Often says that if it wasn’t for support from WAM, he would have certainly dropped out of school years ago. He is grateful for the opportunity to stay in school, and particularly enjoys the social interaction with other students and teachers. Often appreciates the chance to identify role models in Kabudula village, as there are professional jobs there that do not exist in his village. After he completes secondary school, his hope is to join the Malawian Defense Force.

Thank you for helping us support Often and other students like him.