Delivery Day

Each month, WAM delivers a supply of essential medications to Kabudula Community Hospital. Although the hospital receives drug stocks from the Ministry of Health, these stocks are unpredictable and often insufficient. We are there to fill the gap.

The medications we donate are procured from various wholesale pharmacies in Lilongwe, Malawi's capital. The WAM team picks them up and delivers them to the hospital, where they are added to the pharmacy's inventory. As Kabudula is the referral hospital for eight smaller health centers, these drugs benefit the sickest children in the health catchment area of nearly 350,000 people. 

WAM was founded partially from the observation of staggering numbers of preventable child deaths in low resource settings. Our medication donation program addresses this need in the most direct way. The meds treat some of the primary causes for child mortality in Malawi, including malaria and pneumonia.