A Chance At Life For Infants In Crisis

The Crisis Centre in are 47, Sector 2, in Lilongwe offers another chance at life for infants that could mostly have died, had it not been for this children’s shelter.  The centre is a home to 14 children, who have lost a parent or two, or have been abandoned by their parents.

When WAM visited the place recently, amongst other children, it came across the triplets, who lost their mother during child birth.  They came to the centre, premature, from a different neighbouring district, Kasungu.  In a place where there is no doctor, no incubator, the babies, barely a few days old, were wrapped up in blankets, and kept in a room where windows were not allowed to be opened.  Now at three months, the babies are out of the woods now.

The centre, which has a capacity of 25 children, only has 14 now because of resources.  It recently lost a clinical officer, making it hard for the children to have their medical care.  It is run by one nurse, Catherine, with the help of nine nannies, a cook, a cleaner, a finance assistant and a guard on meager resources.

The centre has no incubator, even though it gets premature babies that desperately needs one.  It has no doctor, and there are so many needs that the centre lack.  It also has no essential medication, and no dedicated funding to support it.

WAM helps in providing essential medication to patients like these in Malawi, and a little donation could go a long way in reviving a place like the Crisis Centre, so that no child dies because of basic needs such as food.