In Malawi's central region, only 9.6% of secondary school-aged children are attending secondary school.*


Students at Kabudula Community Day Secondary School (KCDSS) face severals barriers to staying in school, including:

  • School fees
  • Uniforms
  • Transportation
  • Early marriage
  • Pregnancy
  • Challenges associated with being a single or double orphan

Our Kabudula Education and Empowerment Project (KEEP) supports secondary school students by providing school fees and assistance. Our KEEP Scholars are selected by their educators based on merit and their perceived vulnerability to one or more of the above barriers.


Scholarships- we provide assistance in the form of school fees for 42 secondary school students. We commit to them for all four years of secondary school, and beyond.

Learning Resources



We have supported over 100 students through their four years of secondary school.

With the Minga Foundation, WAM built a library stocked with hundreds of books for use by students and teachers. A functional check-out system means that books stay on the campus, and demonstrates the use of the facility.

Our students are eager to learn computer skills. We started the first computer lab at KCDSS; a club meets once per week after school to teach students computer skills to propel their futures.