Access to surgery

Malawi faces a tremendous shortage of surgeons and surgical capacity. We work with our partner organization, Watsi, to provide quality surgical care to patients in central Malawi who cannot afford treatment.


The process- We identify patients at our partner hospital, Nkhoma, who require specific surgeries. These surgeries have high success rates and are relatively low cost. We collect a patient profile, which is uploaded on Watsi's platform. From there, patients are funded and the hospital is paid. Patients are treated without having to pay a dime.

Our partner hospital- Nkhoma District Hospital is a private hospital located in Lilongwe District, in Malawi's central region. They provide quality surgical care and are eager to serve their local community. 

Current cases- Check out our current patients here!


Many Malawians have very poor access to quality surgical care. In our district of Lilongwe, patients can choose between a central, public hospital, or a private facility. As most patients are unable to afford services at the private hospitals, they receive public healthcare. Unfortunately, due to the capacity of the central hospital, surgical patients can wait up to years to receive treatment. 

That's where we come in. Through this program, patients can be treated at Nkhoma, a private hospital, free of charge. Better yet, they rarely wait longer than one week from the day they are first seen to receive their surgery.



Our surgeries are low cost at under $1000 USD, and sustainably priced for Nkhoma Hospital. This means that the hospital can continue to operate and we can provide a great impact.

Since partnering with Watsi in 2013, we have funded over 50 patients to receive quality surgical care and follow-up.